Friday, March 17, 2006

Da Fidz

With my girlfriend's birthday looming I got the idea of searching the web for a Snoopy t-shirt. With zero luck on findng the perfect shirt, I stumbled upon a website that makes custom shirts. At $20 bucks a pop, I figured its time to get creative and design something a little more personal.

Enter... Da Fidz tm (yeah, I trademarked that).

I won't get into the name, except to say it's a bird lover's thing. What I will say is that it took a ton of sketches to match each bird's personality:

and the end result:

From left to right, Bambi, Cheeky and Mimi


Kanokadafi said...

Freakin awesome sketches keelmy!!

jimmynock said...

No, You Da Man!!! These sketches are awesome Brotha.

Frank Summers said...


.: Snare :. said...

Ditto what Kano said. Awesome!