Sunday, April 02, 2006

1337 G@M3X0RZ

Sorry for the lack of posts. Work and all that.

I love video games. The WoW stuff is proof of that. Latly, I haven't had as much time to get my game on, but rest assured, when I get some time off, I'll be zapping away at something. Below is a old drawing I did of Gannondorf (of Legend of Zelda fame) and a recent drawing of Viewtiful Joe. Enjoy.


jimmynock said...

This stuff is sweet, Keelmy! Great design and color. Man you have a lot of energy in your drawings. Two thumbs up my brother.

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me you brought a camera you bastard! Thank god you only show my face! I WANT THE NEGITIVES!!!


: )

ps. uh...sorry about that...we've adjusted his dosage. He should be quiet now...

Keelmy said...

Jim: Too kind, brutha ;)

Mitte: I forgot I never got around to showing you that pic. Glad you liked it.


.: Snare :. said...

Damn kid. You are sick. SWEET!

Keelmy said...

Thx Qp. That deck of yours came out nice.