Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unused Bugs Concepts

While I'd like to show some of the stuff I've done on the pilot, I don't think I can legally (or ethically), at least not yet. Instead I have some concepts for some bugs (extra characters, not the stars).

I tried to match the aesthetic of the show in some, and with some others I went abstract, just to give more options. Ultimately none of these were used, but considering how great they turned out, I'm okay with that.


Kanokadafi said...

HAHAH these look like fun man, what where they for?

Keelmy said...

I never showed these to you and Toni? This is/was for the pilot we just worked on :p

You should ask to see what Kelly came up with. I believe that lightning bug is based off of hers. Jim did the rough of the beetle and Soo finished off the butterfly.

Mit said...

Love the fully colored ladybug in the bottom right.

let me know if you ever need models, I can hook you up for the cost of a can of RAID...

ps. must send you pics of my dogs too, they will work for food.