Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Silent Hill & WoW

Hello Folks.

Sorry for the long break. Freelance + New Job + Playing an MMO = very little time.
Ok that last part of the equation is my fault. I've been drawing, I just needed to get my scanner up and running again and now that I have...

This 1st drawing I did after watching Silent Hill the 2nd time. Man I really love the effects. These guys really stuck to the orignal's blueprint. Would I recommend the movie? Only if you've played the game. The name of this guy is Pyramid Head. I did it w/o reference so its off.

The 2nd drawing is of the new alliance race in world of warcraft, the Draenei. I'm looking forward to making one of those.


jimmynock said...

Well it's about damn time. I have been sitting in front of this blog for weeks now waiting for something to change. My EEYYEEZZ is buggin out.
These look cool Keelmy. Lots of energy. Keep posting Brotha, I love seeing your art.

Kanokadafi said...

nice, I have'nt checked in in a while, I dig the thick outline you put on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you weren't playing any more!

Or was that Conner?

Anyway, nice work, as I'd expect from you ;)


Frank Summers said...

MAN you watched SH twice!?? i think you're the only person who actually liked it! i haven't seen it yet, but i did see doom last weekend...its pretty terrible.

anywho, nice work :)