Thursday, May 25, 2006

Undead Me

I recently stumbled upon The Art of David Hartman, and instantly became a fan. After picking up his book and flipping through the pages I was inspired to draw myself undead.


Kanokadafi said...

Awesome work keelmy, one of my favs

jimmynock said...

Very cool Brotha. Its different that what I normally see here. Its seems you took a chance and it paid off Big Time. Love it!!!

Mary Varn said...

Hey Keelmy, this is great! I love the blood stains and that you're looking very happy as an undead. So scary. I'm digging all this video game inspired art. Does this mean I can deduct my monthly WOW subscription? :)

Anonymous said...

"MMMMMMMM.....brains eat more"

scary....and so close to the original.



Frank Summers said...

hah nice dude!