Sunday, July 30, 2006

I <3 Florida

I'm back! Ok not too happy about leaving the sun but I'm still pretty happy with my break. Florida is awesome, would love to live there one day animating from the beach... ahh a man can dream. Here's the only sketch I did while I was down there.


Kanokadafi said...

man.... when I'm at a beach the last thing I'm thinking about is animating! hahahahaha

.: Snare :. said...

One of the hardest angles to get right. Well done :)

junk said...

one day animating at the beach with a cintiq? for sure man!

Anonymous said...

It's now late September. Quit slacking off and start posting new stuff!

dayna said...

I would totally open up an animation studio on the beach!!

A girl can dream.