Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eddie Knox

Still on a Guitar Hero vibe. Here's the guy I like to select.


jimmynock said...

WWAAAHOOO, 2 postings back to back. This is cool I love the black and white. You Da Man!!!

Hope you and Lourdes have a great Holiday and Best Wishes for the New Year

Mit said...

What's this Guitar Hero™ crap! We demand more WOW pics!


Great stuff as always!

ps. While I insist on waiting for them to come out with Bodhrán Hero before purchasing the system I would be happy to come try Guitar Hero on yours....

Keelmy said...

Jim: Thanks bud, ditto to you and Carrie.

Mit: I actually had to look up what a Bodhrán is. Thanks for the laugh. You're welcome to swing by and rock out anytime.

Michael Luzzi said...

Sweet Keelmy. Sketchbook? I like the drawing. I may have to check out this "Guitar Hero" thing.

Mit said...

You do know that the other reason I live so far into the boonies is so that I can beat my dead goat in the night, right? (...or is that beat my goat in the dead of night...or deadbeat...well anyway) Glad to make you work for the chuckle Keel.


ps....get yer minds out of the gutter...Bodrháns are made with goat skin...

pps. My bodrhán is quite blank... she feels so naked. do you have any thoughts on a design for the skin? (keep in mind it gets beaten at 7 and 8 o'clock (space...not time) so any paint there will get worn off...fast.

ppps. DRAW FASTER!!!!

pppps. I did call last time I was in NYC