Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well as some of you folks already know, I recently left Little Einsteins. A new opportunity knocked and couldn't pass up. In all the holiday chaos, I never got around to sending out a proper email thanking the good folks over at Curious for their time. It was a very good learning experience for me and I got to make alot of new friends, though it took me awhile to open up (sorry, I'm a shy guy).

I'm not much for making speeches so instead I made this lil' tribute. Leo was one of my favorite kids to animate and during season 2, I was able to flex my animation muscle abit more (especially my last cycle). I had this idea floating in my head since season 1 and I finally found a nice chunk of time to get it done. I'm pretty happy with it, and I don't have any current plans to clean it up (took about 8 hours to animate Leo). Hope you folks enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Keelmy!! Best wishes and much success to you and Lourdes in the New Year!! Can't wait to be hanging with you in 2007. I love your animation by the way :)


Frank Summers said...

it was great working with you man. you'll be sorely missed on the ol' LE drawn team!

and of course, the leo clip is awesome (and hilarious!) as usual.

good luck in 2007 and i'll be talking to you soon!

Michael Luzzi said...

Great animation man, really funny. We will all miss you at LE. BTW< it should be "LEO_STAND_3-4ISH_HERO_TO_JEDI_TO_HERO" Good luck at your new job.

Michael Luzzi said...

also reminds me of Colbert.

Kanokadafi said...

Nice Keelmy, I love that you took time to do this, good luck at animagic, I know mad peoples up there, we should do lunch I'm in that area.

Anonymous said...

SHY?!! Are you kidding me?!!!

.: Snare :. said...

Nice man. You have officialy confirmed my suspicion that you are an uber nerd!

Happy New Year foo!

Keelmy said...

Dayna: Thx Dayday, hope you already know the cool lunch spots.

Frank: Wiiiii, hopefully some multiplayer stuff will be making an apperence soon on the Wii.

Luzzi: Smartass

Kano: Sounds like a plan.

CB: Chicks dig the 'shy" angle. Don't ruin my game.

Snare: Who's still playing the MMO?

heyseanmcbride said...

hey keelmy, what an awesome way to say goodbye! great animation, as always. even though you're already gone, im still finding cool files you drew, like annie & quincy sitting down. good luck at animagic man we'll miss having you around.

jimmynock said...

you da man. This is very cool.

Rick Lacy said...

thats the coolest thing i've ever seen!

Keelmy said...

Sean: Hey bud, thx for swinging by and checking out the place. I had alot of fun with those files. I wish I had alil more time to tweak Jun's sitting tho :(

Jim: Thanks, just need another 60mins of this and I can offical call my Star Wars meets Little Einstein movie a wrap.

Rick: Coming from you, that means a ton. Star Wars Nerds 4 Life.

Woop Woop

jimmynock said...

I keep coming back and checking out this animation. I love it!!!