Friday, December 29, 2006


Nope, I'm not talking about Legend of Zelda's protagonist. Blogger's new templetes makes adding links to the site nice and easy, so I took this time to add a bunch of new links to the right --->

"Superfriends" are folks that I know alittle more personaly and have worked with (I even call some... "friends", but never to their faces). "Other Superheros" are links that will lead you to other MEGA talented folks. Some I've met during my days at SVA, at comic conventions or via email, others I've stumbled upon surfing the web or word of mouth. These are links that I visit quite often.

I'll be a real lucky guy if I could move these folks over to my superfriends list. Time will tell :)
Be sure to check them out from time to time as more of my buddies get their lazy behinds bloggin.

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