Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ESPN Figure Skating

Transistor added this clip to thier main page so I'm guessing its okay for me to link it as well. You'll also notice that I've added two new names to my "super friends" list. Myself, T-Bone, Jared and Max Garcia (sorry no link yet) were responsible for the rough animation. As I stated before, I feel we did a great job considering we're not manga/anime artists. Be sure to check out thier sites.


Kanokadafi said...

Dude... Great Job man!! looks official.

Justin Roth said...

this looks great man, as does all the stuff on your blog, i love that little einstein/starwars animation! and the basket ball player designs, so much energy, so good! thanks for the kind words on my blog, much appreciated it was a pleasure to meet you as well and i m excited to work with someone as talented as you!