Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome to Earth, Nadia.

As some of you may have heard, my buddy Jose (aka Snare) just recently became the father of a baby girl by the name of Nadia Alina Martinez. I'm trying to fill his head with ways to mess with his daughter when she's older (ie, tell her that he is Captain Jack Sparrow and that Pirates of the Carribean is a documentary of his youth). This one's for you buddy, your gonna make a kickass Dad!

Be sure to stop by Jose's Blog for pictures of Nadia.


Just in case your wondering (already had two people puzzled by why I drew Jose as a dwarf when I made a reference to "Pirates"), Jose plays World of Warcarft and rolls as a dwarf. He loves dem liddle peepz.


Michael Luzzi said...

Wow, this is great Keelmy! Really tight construction. The little girl is super cute (I like her tunic and the little doll)

.: SNARE :. said...

This made my day :) You are such a clown bro. Thanks for picking up the slack for me :) I'll be posting my thoughts and some pictures soon.


Dan said...

Sweet stuff Keelmy. Thanks for stoppin by my blog, and for the link too. I'll be adding your soon.

Too bad our time was cut short, hope to cross paths again soon.

All the best


jimmy nock said...

Love this sketch Keelmy.
A for the day!

Frank Summers said...

haha nice sketch man. i love that shes a "lvl 1 noob" haahahh

Kanokadafi said...

Nice drawing keelmy, love how soft and rendered out it is.