Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Autumn's Embrace

Finally, my very 1st entry in a t-shirt design contest. Clicking on the thumbnail will send you to shirt.woot.com if you care to vote (it doesn't have to be for me :p) although there is one caveat. You need to purchase or have purchased from their site (or sister sites) at least once. Wish me luck.


Dale Clowdis said...

Good Luck, Keelmy! don't let the haters get you down.

Keelmy said...

Thanks bud.

I'm honestly not bothered by the negative responses. You read the warcraft forums enough you start building a callous.

Always remember:

Could their feedback be more constructive? Sure, but I get what they are saying. Jose had the same problem with this piece (good call Jose). And like Leasen Thomas has quoted on his site.

"If you not being HATED ON, then you aint DOIN' SHIT."

I rather have some hate, than zero interest or to put it differently, I rather be noticed than to not exist.

Besides, are you forgetting we get tons of revisions all day every day for many years now? Hehe

It's all gravy.