Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rockin Out v.2

I'm thinking I should probably do a little bit of explaining. 1st read THIS POST. Well this is my response to that. It's actually turned into this inside joke where we even have a multi-million dollar movie and its all very silly. The name of the band is Lunchtime and this is our 1st album... or 5th. Everything sorta becomes a blur when your knocking out Trippe Platinum albums and hitting #1 on the billboard charts (on drugs).


Dale Clowdis said...

Yeah!!! Now, I noticed we are all sporting rock star packages. What time is it? LUNCHTIME!!!!

kaNO! said...

Damn Keelmy you have been busy, a lot of good stuff here man. What is up with the crotches man? lol

Robert Bandel said...

Great Poses