Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Confused.com - Credit Card, Energy Provider & Home Insurance

Sweet! Apparently all of the ads I worked on over the last two months were posted at the same time. Here are another three more ads for Confused.com. Again, directed by Dan & Jason over at Hornet

I realize that it may seem like I'm pimping the Confused brand really hard so I promise next post will not be Confused related or even an ad. Stay tuned.


Dagan Moriarty said...

Hey Keelmy!

Mr Summers was JUST telling me that you've been over working with the cool cats at Hornet... very nice!

Great work, amigo. Some really nice stuff happening in these spots... Very well done, and lots of fun to watch.

Glad you are well. :)

Keelmy said...

Long time, no speak. I am at Hornet and it's been a great 11 months. Times flies. Give Frank a wedgie for me :)