Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Dale's been doing a great job of motivating me. I hate to give him so much credit cuz he's such a jerk otherwise, but if you ever find yourself in a drawing rut, dale's the man. I'd like to also point out that for me, the month of Sept was by far the most productive month since the start of the blog. Exactly double from 2nd highest (14 posts). Go me! Go me! High fives all around. Here's hoping that my future months are just as productive. Thanks to you folks who come back and continue to throw up your comments. It helps and definitely keeps me going :)

Without further adieu, I present my 3rd and final entry in the Panic derby.

PS. Thanks Dale.


This shirt was nominated for "Best Losers" badge.
Don't let the name fool you, it's actually a good thing.
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Dale Clowdis said...

Wow, I guess you have been sick! You are actually giving me credit for something? You know I'll take the credit, anyway. You did it, again...another great design.

.: SNARE :. said...

I want to wear this shirt!