Friday, October 03, 2008

Art as Text x3

Nope, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This week I managed to submit three entires on day one which give me plenty of time to do even more shirts over the weekend... or watch more TV.

For this last one, my buddy Dan Cardinali gave me the idea. 
I guess I owe him some drinks if it wins.

Having a bit of trouble linking from the thumbnails. 
So click on each thumbnail's titles to take you to the voting page.


.: SNARE :. said...

3 entries and you wanna do more? yikes! You're on a roll.

Honestly I think I like the sketch for the 'sketch' one better. The rings on the pad just had a lot more life and character to them. It would be cool to incorporate a before and after here on the blog. I'm sure some would love to see more of the designs in concept phaze. :D just my 2cp :)

Keelmy said...

That super small thumbnail? :D

I don't even remember it w/o looking into my book. I've considered posting my roughs but it is a contest, so I remain cautious.

Good thing your one of my facebook buddies ehh? :)

Dale Clowdis said...

3 entries!! You get my vote for greediest!