Sunday, November 02, 2008

Derby #67

Here's a gif of my latest design for Derby #67
"Video Games Through Art History"

Click on the gif to be taken to the voting page.


Dale Clowdis said...

Steamboat Keelmy! Nicely usual.

Keelmy said...

I'm not understand what all those red artifacts are in my one frame or where they even came from... ugh. Thanks for the love Dale, I can always count on it ;)

TH3DEN said...

dude that is awesome animation. that squash and stretch feel real nice and add so much to the characters weight!! and only 6 frames!! whoa! my mind is blown! :)

Mike Terry said...

Coolness! They should go back to that style for animated films or at least in short films. I can just visualize it now.