Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm an Ex-EX

It's been quite some time since EX collapsed. Lots of infighting and silly guild drama killed off what was supposed to be our best attempt into 25 man raiding. There are no hard feelings but I was left unmotivated to finish off my [Epic Guild Banner]:

It was inspired by the 1st time we took down Gruul:

Personally, I'm not much of a raider, but something about that many people working together to take down a pain in the butt boss feels quite accomplishing. Sadly I've lost touch with alot of them, some out of necessity and others cuz I switched factions.

Here's to all my online buddies, wherever they may be.
Heddrick loves ya :)


Jac said...


I think I'll always be a little bit Ex. That was home, you know. The idea was right, most of the people were right. It's a bugger about the ally/horde divide but I'm sure we'll work through it. I miss you guys.

TH3DEN said...

sad but epic end it seems like. any chance you'll finish that banner some day?? the sketch looks pretty promising :D!

Paul said...

Dude, if you finish that banner, I'll totally make a website around it. Who needs a guild? :P

Keelmy said...

Jac: Miss you too sweetheart, thx for stopping by and dropping some love. As I said before, i'll be around when you ready to level up that hordie.

Th3den: I'm all "for teh hord3" now. I probably won't get to it, but I thought it was a shame to let it sit in my photobucket unseen. It's almost been a year.

Paul: There will always be new banners. That Decuria one needs a severe updating.

Kus-John said...

Man, that's some sweet stuff right there. I miss you guys.